The New York Times Growth in digital subscribers

new york times

The New York Times by samchills licensed by (CC BY 2.0)

The New York Times has reported their latest earnings. Two numbers is at the center of their recent transformation.

The first number is 308,000 in which the company has received in net digital subscribers according to CNN.

The Times CEO Mark Thompson said, it has made Q1 the single best quarter for subscriber growth in the Times history.

Even though circulation revenue is growing fast, print ad revenue which is the old backbone of the company, is declining fast. In result, that leads to a second number of 17.9 percent.


The company’s print ad revenue had experienced a decline by nearly 18 percent. But the Times noted their is an increase of 18.9 percent in digital ad revenue.

The Times current number is 2.2 million in digital-only subscriptions.




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